Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dental Problems Requiring a Visit to an Emergency Dentist in Mesa, AZ

Locals who indulge in their favorite hard candies like Jawbreakers are prone to experience broken or cracked teeth when they bite down too hard on the sweet treat. This can be an excruciating experience; fortunately, a skilled dentist in Mesa, Arizona will be there to help.

While people with minor dental problems can reach a solution without any help from a dentist, there will certainly be problems that require care from those who provide emergency dental services, like those from Alluring Smiles. These professionals also provide sedation dentistry for a smoother more relaxing experience.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tooth Enamel Problems? Teeth Restoration Options from a Mesa Dentist

Dental crowns are an ideal option for those whose teeth bear extremely visible signs of damage, like large holes or gaps. Crowns, also known as caps, restore the appearance and function of natural teeth. To make room for crowns, dentists will have to slightly file down the affected teeth. Temporary crowns are then placed before the real ones are.

What better way to enjoy Arizona’s summer weather than to take a dip in the cool pool? While swimming activities can pose a problem to the health of one’s teeth enamel, a highly qualified dentist in Mesa, AZ like one from Alluring Smiles offers ways to restore the beauty and function of your natural teeth.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Effective Mesa Dental Care Allows Everyone to Smile without Shame

There are different reasons why people lose their teeth. Physical trauma caused by sudden force can cause teeth to fall out the same way Yeo’s incisors did. Tooth grinding and poor lifestyle choices, like following a nutritionally insufficient diet or smoking, can increase the risk of teeth falling out.

Fortunately, Mesa residents who lost their teeth do not have to worry about their mouths’ appearance. Applying dental implants in Mesa, AZ is one sure way of restoring the shape of one’s mouth. The jawbone shrinks in the absence of a tooth, so a dental implant by a reliable practice like Alluring Smiles can help maintain the structure of their face.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Reliable Dentist Helps Maintain Mesa Dental Health at Ideal Levels

In order to combat the development of dental problems like periodontitis and dental carries, people must be active in taking care of their teeth. Regular and thorough brushing and flossing will ensure high dental health. Cutting down on sugary foods and alcohol will protect the teeth as well.

Moreover, it is important for Mesa residents to visit a reputable Mesa dental center to help keep their teeth healthy. A dental practice like Alluring Smiles will impede and prevent the development of dental disease and keep the mouth healthy.

Low intake on sugary foods and drinks can only do so much. It is important for those truly concerned about their teeth to consult a reliable dentist to help keep their mouths in check.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Remedies to Relieve Toothaches Long Enough to See Mesa, AZ Dentists

Head over to the nearest pharmacy and ask for clove oil. The chemical composition of clove oil allows it to numb your tooth and provide you temporary relief from toothaches.

Use this method with caution and as directed by the instruction of the label. Ingesting clove oil in large amounts can lead to dangerous side effects. If you decide that it is too risky, you can ask for a numbing gel similar to what Mesa, AZ dentists use, which you can rub along your gums and tooth.

Take note, however, that these methods only bring temporary relief, which should be enough time to set an appointment with one of the many experienced dentists in Mesa, AZ like Dr. Portocarrero. If the pain is so severe that it keeps you awake at night, make sure to see your dentist ASAP. It may be a sign that you have an abscessed tooth. Delaying treatment can result in the death of the nerve within your tooth and infections occurring along the jaw and neck.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How Your Skilled Mesa, AZ Dentist Can Help You Keep Cavities Away

If you had to guess which chronic ailment children suffer from the most, what would you say? Asthma? Food allergies? Actually, it’s cavities. According to experts, cavities are 5 times more common than asthma among children.

In most cases, your child’s bi-annual visit to a Mesa dentist will result in a routine cleaning. This is an important method for preventing cavities because the dentist will remove any debris or plaque build-up that your child’s toothbrush couldn’t clear.

Take note that while these methods were presented as solutions for preventing cavities in children, these methods are also highly recommended for adults. Don’t forget that cavities can strike anyone at any time, so it’s best to be prepared.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Emergency Dentist in Mesa, AZ will Help Individuals Keep Their Smiles

The competition is sure to encourage a lot of people to join and read up on different methods for beautifying their teeth. More importantly, it stresses the importance of having a reliable emergency dentist in Mesa, AZ to help people who experience dental problems.

There are different reasons why people sustain dental damage. One of the most common reasons is the fact that they don’t brush and floss frequently. Furthermore, food and lifestyle choices, such as wine, sugary foods, and teeth grinding can easily stain and/or damage teeth.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Trusted Mesa Dentist Can Help Children and Parents Keep Their Smiles

Tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic illness that strikes children. If dental woes are left untreated, they could lead to malnutrition and bacterial infections that can become dangerous for the child. This does not even put into consideration the expenses involved in restoring and healing a child’s tooth.

The aforementioned effects of tooth decay on children are some of the biggest reasons why families should go to a reliable dentist in Mesa to take care of their dental woes. One of the primary (and most obvious) benefits of going to the dentist is the swift and sure alleviation of dental problems by a professional.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sturdy Dental Implants in Mesa Give You a Reason to Smile Once Again

Dental implants are replacement titanium tooth roots that are implanted into the jaw. A false tooth is then attached to the exposed end. The procedure behind the implantation is smooth; in fact, many people who get dental implants in Mesa claim that it is painless.

Unlike dentures and dental bridges, dental implants stimulate the nerves in the jaw. This stimulation tricks the brain into thinking that there really is still a tooth in the area. As a result, the bone loss mentioned in the UCONN article does not occur.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Follow These Three Mesa Dental Health Tips to Keep Cavities at Bay

30 Minutes after Eating

You were probably told to “wait 30 minutes” before hitting the pool after a big meal. That 30 minute rule also applies to brushing your teeth.

The acid content of your last meal leaves tooth enamel softer than it usually is. If you brush your teeth too soon, you risk scraping enamel away and giving the tooth decay process a head start. That in mind, wait 30 minutes after your last bite before you grab your toothbrush.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Securing Dream Jobs with Help from Reputable Dentists in Mesa, AZ

Even jobseekers in the Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale metropolitan area will have reason to fear the effects of bad teeth on their employment chances. There are over 1.7 million employed residents in the area, with a considerable bulk of them being rank-and-file. Skilled dentists in Mesa, AZ such as Dr. Javier Portocarerro of Alluring Smiles are ready to help you orally groom yourself as you enter the job market.

A sharp-eyed recruitment officer can notice if you’ve been on coffee or cigarettes– which always leave considerable stains on your teeth. Your dentist may recommend undergoing a teeth-whitening procedure at the practice and applying home-whitening solutions, or brushing with whitening toothpaste in the run-up to the interview. In many cases, you must brush regularly or lay off the coffee and smokes for good.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Averting the Gum Disease Threat with Help from a Dentist in Mesa, AZ

Some residents of West or East Mesa may be part of the above statistic. Periodontal disease is a potential harbinger of other illnesses that could prove detrimental to a person’s overall health. Fortunately, you have the power to prevent such dangers to yourself by consulting a general dentist from Mesa, AZ like Alluring Smiles’ Dr. Javier Portocarerro, DMD, for the appropriate solutions.

An inspection of your gums by your preferred dental practitioner may reveal if you have gingivitis or periodontitis. Gingivitis may be the case when your gums bleed often and your toothbrush has traces of blood on the bristles; on the other hand, it may be periodontitis when the gums expose more of the teeth root. However, the article notes the pain does not manifest until either type of periodontal disease is at a later stage and much of the jawbone has deteriorated.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dentist in Mesa, Arizona Reminds Adults to Get Regular Dental Checkups

Fortunately practitioners like Dr. Javier Portocarrero, a leading dentist in Mesa, Arizona, offers financing options, like installment plans and the CareCredit program, so patients can get the treatments they need without worrying about the cost.

On the flipside, many patients can afford to see a dentist but choose not to because of fear. A lot of times, they forgo checkups until they need the services of an emergency dentist in Mesa, AZ, as when a tooth suddenly becomes unbearably painful. Luckily for these patients, many practitioners now offer sedation dentistry by administering nitrous oxide gas or intravenous sedatives. These methods induce a relaxed state, so patients can undergo any dental procedure without discomfort.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Longtime Dentist in Mesa, AZ Discusses OTC Tooth Whitening Products

Dr. Javier Portocarrero, a longtime Mesa dentist and proprietor of the Alluring Smiles practice, says that while OTC whiteners can be effective for some, professional whitening should still be a patient’s first option. That’s because whitening kits often have strips or trays that are either too big or too small for a person’s mouth. As such, the peroxide from the products can get too close to the gums, potentially damaging them. Another issue is that these kits can aggravate existing dental problems. For example, the bleach can creep into an abscess and trigger pain, if not infection.

Hence, it is important to consult a trusted dentist in Mesa, AZ first if you want to whiten your teeth. They can provide options that allow you to safely and effectively achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. After all, tooth whitening is still a dental procedure, and it requires the supervision of a professional.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Can a Mesa Dental Care Practice Help Your Chances of Finding Love?

If you have a tooth or two missing, it doesn’t mean that the love boat has sailed forever beyond your grasp. A Mesa dental care practice like Alluring Smile offers many prosthodontic options to replace lost teeth.

In cases where a missing teeth is between two healthy ones, a dentist can prepare a dental bridge to fill the gap and restore proper chewing function. You can also get dental implants from Mesa, AZ practitioners as an alternative. In this procedure, titanium posts are implanted into the jaw; once they integrate with the jawbone, dental crowns are then screwed on top of them. Dentures are a viable option too, especially for those looking to replace multiple teeth without spending too much money.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mesa Dental Center: The Month of April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Having to go through toothaches and other related dental conditions can really be such a pain. Ideally, folks should visit their dentists at least twice a year to make sure that all is good with their oral health. Unfortunately, most people tend to wait until the pain is unbearable before they set an appointment with their dentist. Some cases, however, are more serious than the typical dental cavities. There are those who have already developed oral cancer, and they still don’t know it yet.

Having awareness on the disease is an important element to help ensure the campaign against it. With proper knowledge and information, people can prevent oral cancer from happening to them in the first place. Regular consultation with a reliable dental center in Mesa should also improve the chances for prevention, as well as regular brushing, flossing, and refraining from tobacco and other harmful substances.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mesa, AZ Dentists: Studies Find a Need to Reclassify Periodontitis

Dentists in Mesa, AZ practice many techniques to help their patients maintain a healthy dental lifestyle. Aside from the cosmetic procedures that realign and restore teeth to its proper form, dentists also help with the general cleaning of their patients’ teeth to prevent diseases and infections from building up in their mouths. In some serious cases, these dental professionals also perform deep cleaning methods to remove large build up of plaque from the teeth and gums. Deep cleaning also repairs and heals the damage done by Periodontitis.

Advancements in the dental practices have allowed practitioners to utilize modern technology to help patients give off a proper smile. With it also comes the ability to discover new diseases and illnesses that will need to be dealt with immediately. Fortunately, dentists from Mesa AZ keep up-to-date with developments, thereby allowing them to provide the best dental care their patients deserve.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tooth Cavities: Most Common Reason to Visit a Dentist in Mesa, AZ

Tooth decay is mainly caused by two reasons: a sugary diet or the presence of bacteria in the mouth. The former is arguably the most common since majority of the foods that people consume today have a high sugar and starch content. Cavities in the teeth are a telltale sign of tooth decay, although people don’t usually notice them until they view their teeth and gums on a mirror. Toothaches are another symptom of tooth decay, although it is safe to assume that the disease has worsened if it has reached this point.

Severe toothache is a symptom of tooth abscess and this demands the immediate attention of an experienced dentist in Mesa or elsewhere. In this condition, the cavities may already contain pus that needs to be removed, otherwise the bacteria will be able to reach the more sensitive areas of the mouth (i.e. the jaw or blood vessels) and cause an infection there. Root canal treatments can treat tooth abscesses in most cases, although surgery could also be necessary.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Emergency Dentist in Mesa, AZ Helps Children Keep Their Teeth Intact

Children are extremely vulnerable to the possibility of dental trauma due to their lifestyles. Children are naturally curious, so they are more subject to falls, sports-related injuries, and fights. This may cause pain or difficulty in swallowing or breathing.

Some might opt for a pediatric dentist, but a trusted dentist in Mesa, Arizona like Alluring Smiles can help children at odd hours just fine. A general dentist who knows the dental history of the child’s family will also be able to handle the situation as adequately as his pediatric counterpart. A lot of general dentists also handle a lot of children’s teeth.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Better Smiles for Everyone with State-of-the-Art Dental Care in Mesa

In addition to individual crowns, dental implants can also be used to anchor dentures, thus making the attachment more permanent. Unlike traditional dentures, implant dentures allow for a better fit, and are less likely to fall off or come loose. Those who are looking for effective tooth replacements may want to visit a dental practice which perform dental implants in Mesa, such as Alluring Smiles.

New technologies in dental care also promise improvements in other tooth replacement procedures. For example, as the CAD/CAM systems get more integrated by the industry, patients can expect shorter waiting periods and more accurate measurements for bridges, dentures, and dental crowns.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Improved Dental Technology: Helping Hand in Mesa Dental Office

These dental services aided by technology make any dental procedure faster and more efficient. Combined with the doctor’s knowledge and expertise, dental management of needed procedures for patients are dealt with safely and with more precision.

As you can see, celebrities are just like anyone else who need that extra regular boost of oral confidence that only their dentist can provide. A Mesa family dentistry office, such as Alluring Smiles, provides general as well as specialized dentistry that includes prosthodontics and cosmetic, and sedation dentistry. It’s a one-stop center for whatever your dental needs are. Their special massage chairs are plush and comfortable for long procedures. This reputable dental office prioritizes its patients’ comfort while its dentists wield state-of-the-art tools and aids to prioritize their patient’s oral health and well-being.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dentists in Mesa, AZ—Your Child’s Primary Teeth are Important, Too

To prepare your child for his first dental visit, reputable dentists in Mesa, AZ recommend preparing him as you would for his first haircut or trip to the shoe store. Tell him that there’s nothing to be afraid of and that it’s all good for him in the long run. Reading a child-friendly dental book is also recommended.

Your child’s baby teeth needs all the attention and care it can get. Schedule a consultation with trusted Mesa dentists like the ones at Alluring Smiles today.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Alluring Smiles Features Mesa Dentist Service Packages on New Website

The homepage welcomes visitors with a glimpse of what the practice is all about. It highlights the main services of the company as well as their customer-oriented goals. The bottom part of the page presents Dr. Portocarrero himself as he discusses the importance of preventative dentistry and the benefits of regular dental check-ups.

The user-friendly design of the website makes it easy to navigate. Clickable tabs found at the upper portion of the site allow users to read more about the services of the practice. Each featured treatment is explained in detail on the website and given an estimated visit time so that patients have an idea of how long a particular procedure with the certified dentist in Mesa would take.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Trusted Dentist in Mesa, AZ Changes Business Name to Alluring Smiles

There are various benefits to rebranding a company. In most cases, it is done to make the company more recognizable, and let the target market more easily associate the business with any new services the latter wants to highlight.

Designing a fresher and more updated marketing campaign around a business name can also help loyal clients see the company in a new light. With the right strategy, it could also attract new customers and draw more positive attention from the market. Palo Verde Dental’s strategic move to update its name to Alluring Smiles gives it an edge and makes it more appealing to clients looking for a trustworthy Mesa, AZ dentist who can enhance their teeth.